Meet The Partners

We believe you set high performance standards for the professional advisor you select for the company, and will expect nothing less from your advocates than the best quality service. You need a team of advisors who can proactively use their cumulative knowledge of your industry to proactively address the issues you face.

We have selected a strong legal team which is experienced, qualified and trained with the ability to deliver high quality legal representation and provide professional advice. Brief profiles of the key team members are included below.

We believe that importance of rotation of staff on legal assignments is paramount to maintain staff independence and provide work exposure and also encourage new ideas which are taken aboard. Our rotation policy is once every three years. However, to ensure that there is some continuity, the partner-in-charge rotates at different three year intervals from the rest of the team.

Furthermore, wherever necessary, we draw upon the resources of specialists panel in all areas relevant.


Thomas Agimba

Engagement Partner


Anne Mugwere-Agimba

Managing Partner